Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And....the real terror starts!

SO.....shall I begin? Why yes, yes I shall. Too bad if you didn't want me too.....since when did I care?

Well, this is my first time blogging. I have finally succumbed to the whole media obsession with blogging and decided to get my own. I actually decided to get one after reading my creative inspiration Jhonen Vasquez' blog. I never thought that I would get one.....until reading his masterpiece of dark awkwardness that completely opened my mind to the possibility of having a blog.

Well, I will eventually get to more deep discussions later on about deeper subjects like school lunch, cartoons, the end of the English language ever being spoken correctly again, and the eventual downfall of society as we know it. However, I will spend this time discussing a certain sports issue today. This issue pertains to the NFL and the NFL's perfect golden boy Tom Brady.

Today, Tom Brady won the NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award. Do you know why he won it? No, neither do I honestly. Yeah, he was injured for pretty much the entire 2008 season, and his stats this year are really quite good. 4398 yards, 28 TD's and only 13 INT's are respectable, but I mean who didn't expect this kind of season from him? He only won this award because he is 1.) A member of the New England Patriots and 2.) Tom Brady. Please don't sit there and tell me that the football world isn't biased towards its elite, especially Tommy boy. The Golden Boy has had way too many scandals in his life, but apparently nobody cares because he's just the best darn football player we've ever seen. Whatever.

You know who should have won this award? Cedric Benson. I mean the man only had a little over 1300 yards rushing combined for the 2007-2008 season for about 3.5 yards per rush and only 6 TDs combined those seasons. This year he had 1251 yards and 6 TDs with the Bengals in only 13 games. Are you kidding? This has to be a no contest. Tom Brady owns the record for most TDs thrown in a single season with 50. You can't tell me that he wasn't expected to have another great season. Benson was all but cast aside at the beginning of this season. Nobody expected him to have such a great season, and I doubt even he had these expectations going into the year.

This is just another example of how we raise people up and praise them when others are so much more deserving. It's insulting to me. The voters of this award failed in their duty to elect the most deserving recipient of the award. I congratulate them on complete failure. Good job men. You really did us all proud in electing Tom Terrific to yet another award.

Well, that wraps up this episode. I just needed to rant on this for a bit. Sorry that this wasn't the beginning I anticipated, or you for that matter (whoever reads this abomination anyway). Thank you for mulling through my ranting.

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