Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Because Education Isn't Valued Anymore

Well I have bad news my children. Our school system no longer values our education and is throwing away its greatest resources. Impossible you say? Well not quite. I bring forth proof to the table, and it stinks of money and government.

The school system I'm forced to be a part of is quite possibly one of the worst in the States. This statement is not based on petty emotion or on stupid arguments. The facts present themselves in the decisions made by the leaders of the Board. This "Board" tries to act in the best interest of every school in the county and tries to help the education of the students that attend these schools. However, this is rarely achieved by their decisions. You are asking for a specific reason aren't you? Shall I present you one now? Why, yes I shall.

The School Board decided it would be a good idea to fire five of our teachers at the end of the year. That in itself is quite a bad situation, but this matter hits closer to home for many of my friends and me than for most. One of the five unfortunate teachers is my Mythology teacher who also teaches Latin. The Board also decided that another good idea was to cut Latin out of our school completely. This in itself is absurd. Latin is quite possibly the most useful foreign language offered to high schools. The practical applications of Latin go far beyond that of any other foreign language aside from Spanish (if it is actually taught correctly). Another department that is under question is the French foreign language. If they cut this class out of the school, the only foreign language left would be Spanish. They cut out Russian about three years ago and killed German a year ago as well. Theatre Arts was slashed out of the programs, and Driver's ED was given the electric chair as well. However, would you like to know one of the classes that has survived all these murders? Turf Grass Management. Because our world would be lost without all its turf being kept in order obviously.

To me, these are the most ridiculous choices of cuts I have ever seen. Let's get rid of all of our foreign languages and try to diminish the Arts! But we must keep the vital classes such as Turf Grass Management, Cosmetology, and Green House Management! All the classes they have erased so far have much more practical applications than those that I have stated above. This is so preposterous that it nearly causes me to break down and cry when I think about it. Not just from sadness do I cry, but from pity that our education has been brought down to this level.

I feel sadness for my teacher though. She has tenure at least, so she is being transferred to another school. However, the bonds she has developed here are now being broken, and it is a terrible thing when I can physically see the sadness and pain on fellow students' faces over it.

Congratulations School Board. You have provided yet another reason for me and countless other students to despise you. My advice to anyone who reads this is to value your education. If you are out of school, then I beg of you to help your community and somehow provide all you can for the education of anyone you can. If you have children, then my message is simple: care about and think about which school you put your children in. Unless you absolutely have to, please do not simply settle for a school. Research is key my friends, and use every available resource.

This wraps up this post. I am quite angry at this point, but I think you will agree that my anger is justified.

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  1. Ha... Sounds like my school system..except ours isn't cool enough to offer Latin in the first place:(