Saturday, February 27, 2010

Twitter Me This

Well, well, well....come back for more have we? How pleasant. Please join me as I jump into yet another steamy debate about something I have had too much time to think about. Get your eyes ready.

Twitter is one of the most popular social devices to attack our media since the all too amazing Myspace first plagued our computer screens. However, Myspace was actually something that was worth our time in the beginning. Facebook has now taken over as the leading social networking site, and Twitter is the "cool" think to use nowadays. My one and only thing I hate about Twitter is this: it's the biggest waste of time that has ever been invented. It's all the fun of a Facebook status bar without anything else to accommodate it. The original intention of the website was to keep your friends updated on what you're doing every so often, but now it's been used for anything from awkward media blasts to stupid self promotion by divas in music and sports. This "website" is quite possibly the most pointless piece of trash that exists on the Internet, and I have yet to see the allure of it.

I have actually been tempted to create a Twitter account myself so I can post one message and one message only, then abandon my pitiful little account to starve in the cruel, cold street that is the Internet. The message would be something like this: "I am currently sleeping. If I don't tweet within 8 hours, I'm dead from my rare disease I didn't tell anyone about. Thank you." I would then proceed to have absolutely no contact with anyone for a few days, thus leading people to believe I am dead, which would undoubtedly cause much pandemonium and chaos all throughout the one square mile of land that actually knows who I am. However, having told you this, my plan is now ruined.

Some evil mastermind, aren't I?

Back to the point I suppose. Twitter is another example of how stupid humanity is becoming. If we believe that this thing is an "entertaining" media outlet, then what hope is there? I already lost most of my hope when the Croc shoe line hit it big, or when the Snuggie was the hottest buy for the winter season. Are we seriously that gullible? How can such terrible ideas thrive in our already depleted market and Internet social network?

So let me close with this: help me. Help me regain some of my sanity and do not follow the millions of fake people who bombard the Internet everyday with their tweets about their life and how "cool" what they are doing is. Instead read this and follow someone who isn't cool and who is at least true to himself and who he is. Yes, I may not be as entertaining as some crazy celebrity, but that just means I'm not another cog in the stupid social machine that is controlling most of our teens nowadays.

Until next time, this has been another ranting session brought to you by an insane writer who is using the media against itself to promote actual social activity.

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